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Rotational Moulding

We offer a range of rotational moulding powders, in natural or compounded colours to suit different process requirements.

GradeMFIDensityGeneral PropertiesTypical ApplicationsDatasheet
PL44384.00.938Good impact strength. Broad processing window.Pallets. Industrial Bins, Industrial Water & Chemical TanksDownload
PL46326.00.932Good flow and low .distortionMussel floats / buoys. Leisure Products. Display stands.Download
PL63383.20.938Good mouldability.Toys and Playground Equipments. Chemical Tanks.Download
PL84354.00.935Excellent environment stress crack resistance.Intermediate Bulk Containers. Chemical Drums.Download
Custom Grades

With our in-depth knowledge and close relationships with our customer, we offer a wide range of specialized powders to suit different market and technologies as required.

GradeMFIDensityGeneral PropertiesTypical ApplicationsDatasheet
PL20120.00.924Ease of processing. Smooth finish.Fluidised BedDownload
PL20235.00.917Improved flow.Carpet Backing. Binding of Fibre and Non-wovens.Download
PL20350.00.926High flow index.Masterbatch Carrier.Download
PL2041.10.952General purpose.Blow Molding. Extrusion.Download
PL20522.00.920Glossy finish.Fluidised Bed.Download