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Toll Processing

We offer toll processing services for natural and compounded resins.


Quality Control Laboratory Equipment


RO-Tap Sieve Shakers operates via a horizontal, circular motion and a vertical, tapping motion. This special function allows material particles to stratify and “seek” critical openings in the test media which provides the most accurate and consistent particle analysis testing.

Falling Dart Impact Tester

Falling Dart Impact Tester allows for the determination of the energy required to cause the failure of plastic samples at low temperature by free-falling darts based on the test developed by the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) International.


Our heating oven each possesses a heating element which lies behind a panel at the back of the chamber. This eliminates the risk of scorching samples placed on the chamber floor. Specially designed horizontal guided airflow ensures uniform heat distribution.


Reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain & dew. Using special fluorescent UV lamps, allows to reproduce damages that occurs over months/years outdoors by the effect of sunlight.

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Medfrez – Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer – Inside temperature ranging from -20℃ to -40℃ can be set freely. Heated door seal prevents ice build-up.

Carver Laboratory Press

Carver laboratory press with its built-in hydraulic system allows for press-outs to be made for visual checks such as colour dispersions.

X-Rite Ci62 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer

X-Rite Ci62 portable sphere spectrophotometer is a high-performance instrument uniquely suited for ensuring accurate color on reflective surfaces, including applications with textured materials or printing on metal substrates. With a 8mm measurement aperture and the ability to output simultaneous SPIN, SPEX and Correlated Gloss measurements, the Ci62 handheld sphere spectrophotometer allows us to accurately measure reflective or uneven surfaces on a wide variety of products and packaging types. This ensures a colour quality audit trail for consistent colour and brand integrity in a supply chain.

Rotorless Rheology Tester

Rotorless Rheology tester allows us to test polymeric materials for rheological properties. Rheological characterization of polymers uses a wide range of shear and extensional conditions. This allows us to determine rheology properties for degradation studies, determining molding parameters, materials performance and other applications.

Understanding the rheological (flow) properties of a polymer helps obtain optimized material properties during the molding process. Rheology testing can determine if materials are processed properly with minimal product degradation. Rheological tests to measure the viscosity of a polymer ranging from single point tests to variable shear-rate tests.

Rheological characterisation can be accomplished using a wide range of shear, tensile, and extensional conditions. Data can be used for many purposes including: quality assurance, product development, and to better understand material performance. In addition, rheology testing can determine if materials are processed properly with minimal product degradation or to understand the flow properties that are critical in QA molding application.

MP- 1200 Melt Flow Tester

MP1200 Melt Flow Tester features the latest in melt flow measurement technology and allows our operators to quickly and easily set up and perform melt flow tests: according to ASTM D1238, ISO 1133-1 7 2 and other international and industrial specifications.